CrossFit Sierra Nevada – Personal Training

Mini Band Work out (Checkmark)

Walk Forward

Walk Backward

Stagger Shuffle RT. foot forward Forward and Backward

Stagger Shuffle LFt Foot forward

Forward and Backward

Lateral Stagger Rt foot forward

Down and Back

Lateral Stagger Lft foot forward

Down and Back

Monster Walk Forward and Backward

Shannon’s Workout (No Measure)

Straight leg DB Deadlift 15#

Bench 2 Leg Hip Extension

Ring Row

Bar Hang

Wall Angel

BB Push-Up or

DB Floor Chest Press 15#

Pole Squat

Bench Sit-Ups

Clam Shells

bridge with weight

Bench Dips

Bench V-ups

Glute Press

1 Leg Elevated on Box Toe Touch (stretch)

Incline Bench DB Curl

6″ Box Heel Step Down

Kb Side Bend

Incline Bench DB Tricep extension or

Band Tricep extension push down

Ringe Lunge Stretch on pad

Band Rear Deltoid Row

Bench Squat

Bench 3x 30/30 Band bicycles

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